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School Lane, Sudbury, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 5HZ


At Sudbury Primary we set regular homework so that children can practice key learning skills at home. We encourage parents to support their child complete tasks set and return them to school on time.

Reception children

From the Spring Term reception children will be set regular Phonics homework to support early reading and writing skills. Normally set on a Friday to be returned the following Friday.

Key Stage one

Year 1 - weekly Spelling list to learn or Phonics homework will be set on a Friday,  to be handed in or tested the following Friday. 

Year 2 - weekly Spelling and Maths homework will be set on a Friday, to be handed in or tested the following Friday.  

There is also the expectation that children read daily at home.

Key Stage Two

Spellings - A new list is given out every Monday to be tested the following Monday

English and Maths homework is set every Friday, to be handed in the following Tuesday.

Reading is recommended every day as follows:

Years 3 & 4 for up to 20 minutes

Years 5 & 6 for up to 30 minutes