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Teacher V Pupil Challenge. Please email your entries by 3.30pm today (Friday 3rd). Thank you.

Year 3 and 4

Hello all,

Once again, some amazing work has been arriving via email! Keep it coming - we love to share your achievements.

In response to this week's topic focus, 'London Transport', we've already received a fabulous replica oyster card and some interesting research on the London Underground. Did you know it is made up of 408km of track - a lot! 

'Teacher V Pupil Challenge' Entries are already arriving. Just a few hours left! Can you find more words or a strange, cheeky or really long sentence better than your teachers/us? Two of you beat us last week!  We look forward to seeing your entries. 


(Don't forget any queries, questions or to share your achievements just email us at and Please copy us both into your email so we are aware of what has been communicated.) 

Maths - Squares

You have been given the MNP textbook and workbook and we plan to upload videos that introduce each lesson (like a 'normal' lesson). After watching the video, work through the relevant page in your workbook, recording answers in your school book. Once complete, you can check the answers on the uploaded answer sheet.


Friday 3rd April

L.O. To be able to divide 1- or 2-digit numbers by 100.

Textbook page 54.

Workbook pages 33-35.


Thursday 2nd April

L.O. To be able to divide 1- or 2-digit numbers by 10.

See textbook page 51.

Workbook pages 31, 32.


Tuesday 31st March

L.O. To be able to recognise and write decimal equivalents to 1⁄4, 1⁄2, 3⁄4.

See textbook page 48.

Workbook pages 29-30.


Maths -Triangles

Friday 3rd April

P.39 Chapter Consolidation in your text books again today, Triangles.

Please watch the video and either complete the work set this week (p.26-p.31) or the Reasoning and Problem Solving questions on the document below. Finally check using the answer document below. 

Reasoning and Problem Solving questions.

Reasoning and Problem Solving Answers

Thursday 2nd April

Please look at p.39 Chapter Consolidation on your textbook, Triangles.

Watch the two videos below, work through the problem of p.31 of your workbook and check using the answer document.

Wednesday 1st April

For today Triangles, turn to p.37 Solving Word Problems of your textbook.

Watch the video, complete p.29 and p.30 of your text book and check using the answer document.

Monday 30th March

Triangles, please look at p.34 Solving Word Problems in your text book.

First watch the two videos, complete p.26 and p.27 of your workbook (p.28 too if you'd like some extra) and finally check your work by opening the answer document. 

Friday 27th March.

Today Triangles, you need p.32 Calculating Change in your text book. 

Please watch the two videos (each showing a different method of calculating change), complete p.24 and p.25 of your workbook and then check your work using the answer document.

Thursday 26th March

Hi Triangles,

Please turn to p.30 Subtracting Money in your text book to start today's lesson. 

First watch the two videos (in order), then complete p.22 and p.23 from your workbook before opening the answer document to check your answers

(Unfortunately, I am unable to unload the second video. It contained a second example set out horizontally to show calculations can be written vertically or horizontally with no effect on the answer. It also emphasised how we ALWAYS subtract the smaller amount from the larger amount.)

Wednesday 25th March

Morning Triangles. For today's lesson, please have your text book open at p.28 Lesson 10 - Subtracting Money.

Please watch the video, work through the questions on p.20 and p.21 and finally check your work by opening the answer document. 


You will have received a TTS pack of resources. There will be regular instructions provided on what you need to do to complete each page. 

Also, you have reading comprehension sheets to complete.

If you visit you can join for a free 30 day trial. This allows users to read books online and aloud.


In order to gain full access to the resources on, send an email to me- and I will send an invitation to you via email.

It has 1000`s of books to read online, plus videos and quizzes.

 Teachers V Pupils Challenge!

NEW CHALLENGE!      W/C 30.3.20

Find below the new word challenge which we will give you a few days to have a go at, in order to try to beat your teachers. Good luck!


Monday 30th March

What makes LONDON great?

This week's focus tasks relate to London Transport. Read through the tasks on the uploaded sheet and choose one or two you'd like to complete.

The websites below have information that might help, but you can use others too.  Please email us your completed work; we love to share in your achievements. We hope you enjoy them, Mrs. Croger and Mrs. Oakley

Useful learning websites code CVDTWINKLHELPS when registering, to access all resources for free. Search for home learning packs by year group and that should narrow down the options. Alternatively, you can search for resources, such as worksheets for specific topics or areas of learning. These are set out in year groups and have differentiated tasks. The star is the bottom corner of the activity denotes the level of difficulty -D =Developing, E-Expected, GD =Greater Depth This is a homeschooler who offers online topic lessons that are interactive (chat box not video) on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9-10am through a 'Zoom' platform.