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Online Safety

Clearly, children are accessing the internet more readily than ever before and alongside the learning they're accessing, in all likelihood, they're  probably spending more time gaming or for our older pupils, on social media sites/apps so below you’ll find links to add restrictions/privacy settings etc to help ensure your child is as protected as possible when they’re online. Wherever possible, having computers/gaming consoles in communal areas of the house, leaving phones and tablets downstairs at bedtime, monitoring the time spent and who children are communicating with is ideal especially at a time where children’s charities have warned of increased targeting of young people online. CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) is a law enforcement agency which is tasked with protecting young people online and where issues can be reported ( and Thinkuknow ( is the educational platform from the same organisation, designed to help teach online safety for children of all ages.

To help keep your children safe online, use the links below to find out how to set restrictions on devices and through your internet service provider.

Setting restrictions on iPads:

Setting restriction on android devices:

Useful website with suggested age ratings for different apps, movies and websites:

Setting restrictions with your internet service provider:

Creating More Secure Passwords: