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Art and Design

Pupils have the opportunity to observe and record what they see in different media, use various materials and techniques. They review and modify their work. Pupils are encouraged to make use of the outdoor space in their art and design work.

Pupils look at and discuss the work of many different artists, study their techniques and styles and use these ideas in their own work.

Design Technology requires pupils to be creative problem solvers, as individuals and as part of a team. They look for needs and opportunities and respond to them by making a range of products and systems. They are taught how to evaluate and reflect on their work and how it can be improved.

 EYFS Art 

KS1 Art progression of skills             

Y3/4 Art progression of skills

Y5/6 Art progression of skills

Art intent

 KS1 art/DT at Sudbury

KS2 art/DT at Sudbury

DT intent