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Through the study of History, the pupils will be introduced to understanding and interpreting the past and will develop a sense of identity through learning about changes in time and place.

The pupils will have opportunities to learn from a range of historical sources including artefacts, pictures, photographs, music, adults talking about their past, written sources and buildings. As they progress, the pupils will learn to develop the ability to acquire evidence from a variety of sources and to judge their reliability and value.

 History progression of skills

Knowledge Overviews

EYFS/KS1 Transport

EYFS/KS1 Explorers


EYFS/KS1 Great Fire of London

EYFS/KS1 Victorian Seaside

KS2 Victorians

KS2 Alton Towers

KS2 Tudors

KS2 The Vernons (local history)

KS2 World War 2

KS2 Ancient Greeks

KS2 Stone Age/ Iron Age

KS2 Ancient Egyptians

KS2 Romans

KS2 Vikings

KS2 Early Islamic Civilisations

KS2 History Around the World