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In Reception, learning has its foundations in play-based activities so whilst we're closed, providing opportunities at home for role play, small-world play, exploring textures, making structures, running and jumping will all contribute to the children's ongoing learning alongside the following:


You will have received a Phonics workbook and CVC workbook to practise sounds. You can access Jolly Phonics to help with sounding out:  

Also, Alphablocks is a useful resource for phonics work:


If you visit you can join for a free 30 day trial. This allows users to read books online appropriate to their age and reading ability and have books read aloud.


Also, there are some maths activities in a workbook to go through at your own pace.  All children have been given a yellow book to fill in as a diary -this can be a picture or picture and sentences to record any the activities you do at home over this time. You can use Numberblocks to help support maths learning:

If you'd like to send photos of what you've been up to or for Mrs Carey to feedback on work or ask an questions please contact her on

Useful learning websites code CVDTWINKLHELPS when registering, to access all resources for free. Search for home learning packs by year group and that should narrow down the options. Alternatively, you can search for resources, such as worksheets for specific topics or areas of learning. These are set out in year groups and have differentiated tasks. The star is the bottom corner of the activity denotes the level of difficulty -D =Developing, E-Expected, GD =Greater Depth