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The exploration and the knowledge and understanding of science as well as its application and the world around us are the basis for our teaching. Pupils are given opportunities for investigative and practical work and are taught to analyse and record their results in a variety of ways in line with the National Curriculum.

science policy

Progression of scientific enquiry skills in science

Science in EYFS

EYFS/KS1 knowledge overviews

Animals including humans

Everyday Materials

Living things and their habitats


Seasonal Changes

Use of materials

KS2 Knowledge Overviews

Space Y5/6 and shadows Y3/4


Animals including humans

Digestion and teeth Y3/4

Living things and life cycles

Evolution and inheritance Y5/6

Light Y5/6

Materials Y5/6

Rockes and Soils Y3/4

Animals including humans Y3/4

Sound Y3/4

States of matter