Sudbury Primary School

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School Lane, Sudbury, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 5HZ

Class 2 Teaching Staff

   Year  3/4 Mornings - Miss Roberts  Mrs. Fish (maternity leave)      Year 5/6 Mornings - Mrs. Oakley          (Magpies class)                                                     (Owls class)


Year 3/4/5/6/ Afternoons - Miss Roberts, Mrs Hannaford and Mrs. Oakley

Class 2 Teaching Assistants - Miss Grattidge and Mrs. Holmes

Year 3/4 Morning - Current Focus

English - Short stories

Y3 Maths - Fractions


Y4 Maths - Multiplication and division.


Year 5/6 Morning - Current Focus

English -  Short Stories

Y5 Maths - Multiplication and division.

Y6 Maths - Position and direction.


Year 3/4/5/6 - Afternoon Topics

Summer 2022

History - The Tudors

Science- Year 3/4- Living things and their habitats

Year 5/6- Circulatory system

End of Year Expectations

Use the documents below to find out which objectives your child will need to achieve in order to meet 'Age Related Expectations' (ARE).

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